Donald Trump would sure like to have this Ivanka Trump related tweet back

Last night Ivanka Trump found herself at the center of a huge controversy when her use of personal email for government business suddenly erupted and threatened to take over the news cycle. The irony wasn’t lost on anyone; this is precisely what Donald Trump spent the campaign demonizing Hillary Clinton for. Now he’d like to have one tweet in particular back.

Here’s what Donald Trump tweeted during the 2016 election: “One of the reasons Hillary hid her emails was so the public wouldn’t see how she got rich- selling out America.” Of course there was never any evidence of this whatsoever. In fact, just a few days later, then-FBI Director James Comey very publicly announced that there was no criminal case of any kind to be made against Hillary Clinton, fully clearing her in the process. But there’s a big difference between Hillary’s emails and Ivanka’s emails, and Donald unwittingly pointed it out.

Back when Hillary Clinton was using private email while she was Secretary of State, there were no rules or regulations of any kind against doing so; she was fully within the rules. Sometime after Hillary departed, President Obama did institute a rule preventing any White House employee from using personal email for government business. This change was famously highlighted during the phony Hillary Clinton email scandal, as Republicans tried to insist that Hillary somehow violated a rule that didn’t exist until after she had left.

After that rule went into effect, and the whole world was informed ad nauseum by the Republicans that the rule had gone into effect, Ivanka Trump decided that she needed to break that rule. So unlike Hillary Clinton, who wasn’t breaking any rules in the name of trying to hide anything, it’s fair to argue that Ivanka must have had a reason to break the rules just to hide whatever she was doing with her emails. Our gut feeling says that Robert Mueller already has Ivanka’s emails; he’s always several steps ahead on these things.