Donald Trump has clearly given up on life

Yesterday, Donald Trump had precisely two items on his schedule: a Christmas tree ceremony, and lunch with Mike Pence. His official duties as “President” of the United States literally consisted of looking at a tree and eating. His schedule today consisted of pardoning a turkey – and no, we’re not talking about Donald Trump Jr.

Yes, it’s a holiday week, so you might expect some reduction in the schedule in general. But this guy Donald Trump is now doing almost literally nothing. His back to back days of being a bump on a log come after he took a half hearted trip to California in which he couldn’t even be bothered to learn the name of the devastated city he was visiting, and after he canceled a planned tribute to veterans because it was raining.

So yeah, Trump has pretty much given up on even the slightest pretense of doing the job. This is kind of weird, frankly, because there is ostensibly more motivation than ever for him to keep up appearances. Now that the Democrats have taken control of the House, Trump is going to be investigated to the hilt, all the focus is going to be on whether he should be allowed to keep the job, and everyone is going to be watching him accordingly. His response: to pack it in and do nothing at all.

Maybe Donald Trump’s deteriorating psychological condition has finally caused him to completely cave in and collapse into a barely-functioning state. Or maybe Trump has simply concluded that his presidency is now doomed anyway, so there’s no point in keeping up appearances. Either way, this guy has clearly given up on life – and he’s waiting to be finished off by Robert Mueller and the House Democrats.