Donald Trump just committed treason with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

Donald Trump and his White House released an official statement today which, in short, said that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is off the hook for his role in the murder of American journalist Jamal Khashoggi, just because. By now it’s painfully clear that Trump and/or his family are financial puppets of the Crown Prince, and that Trump is taking this position accordingly. Let’s not mince words: this is treason.

A few of you are already sharpening your pencils, preparing to write in and lecture me once again about how it’s not “treason” unless there’s a formal declaration or war. Put your pencils down. First, you’ve always been wrong about this; the legal definition of treason only requires that an act of war be committed against the United States, not a declaration of war on either side. So if the state-sponsored assassination of an American journalist and American resident is an act of war, then this does meet the legal definition of treason. Second, this isn’t about legalities.

We all know what treason is in the real-world sense. It’s when a United States citizen goes out of his way to help a foreign enemy sabotage the United States. That is, simply put, what Donald Trump did here. If an average American plotted with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to assassinate an American journalist for political and monetary reasons, we’d all agree that the average American in question should never set foot outside a prison cell again. The fact that Trump conspired to commit this treason while masquerading as President of the United States? That makes it even worse.

So yeah, Donald Trump just committed treason with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. We still don’t know for sure if Donald Trump was in on this treasonous murder plot ahead of time, or if he entered the treasonous plot after the fact in an attempt at allowing the Crown Prince to get away with it. Either way, Trump’s statement today proves that he’s a traitor – and he belongs in Guantanamo.

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