Looks like Rudy Giuliani really is going to be arrested

Now that Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine scandal henchmen have been arrested for campaign finance violations, it raises the question of just how far up the chain this is going to go. Donald Trump promptly threw Rudy under the bus by insisting that he didn’t know the henchmen, and telling the media that “You’d have to ask Rudy” about them. Now comes reporting that Rudy really is in legal trouble.

It turns out the FBI and SDNY are “scrutinizing Rudy Giuliani’s financial dealings” with the two guys who were just arrested, according to CNN’s Marshall Cohen. This is a big deal, because there’s an obvious money trail from these guys to Rudy, since they were working for Rudy. The kicker is that because the Feds are digging through Rudy’s financial records, they’re likely to find not just this money trial, but additional money trails that explain Rudy’s longstanding allegiance to the government of Turkey and more.

ABC News is reporting that Attorney General Bill Barr has spent the past few days meeting with the SDNY, which can’t be mere coincidence. If Trump and Barr were planning to force the SDNY to stop at these two arrests so they could try to pin the Ukraine scandal solely on these two guys, we wouldn’t be getting news reports that Rudy Giuliani is also being investigated in relation to these two guys.


This means it looks like Rudy Giuliani really is getting arrested. To be clear, it’s not going to happen tonight or anything, because at the least, the SDNY will need time to try to work out plea deals with Rudy’s associates. But if Trump and Barr were planning to stop Rudy’s takedown, they’d have done it by now. It looks like Trump is planning to pin the Ukraine scandal on Rudy, and hope anyone out there buys it.

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