Tucker Carlson’s ‘package stolen in the mail’ story takes another bizarre turn

Last night Tucker Carlson announced – with a straight face – that his super secret incriminating evidence against Hunter Biden had been stolen while it was in the mail. No one believed him, both because it’s a ridiculous story, and because he’s not an honest person. Now the story has taken another bizarre turn.

Tonight, Tucker Carlson announced on his show that his stolen package had suddenly reappeared. No really, he said this. Hate to tell you, but if a package was “stolen” from you and then suddenly it’s in your hands, that means it wasn’t stolen. At worst it means the package wasn’t adequately tracked while in transit, which has become a fairly common occurrence during the pandemic.

In other words, no mysterious forces stole Tucker Carlson’s super secret evidence. This brings us back to our original question. Carlson’s story is that he and his team already had this evidence in hand, and they were simply mailing it across the country to themselves. If these are the key documents in a massive international scandal, why would they not have made a copy before shipping it? No one is that careless and stupid, not even people who work for Fox News.

In any case, even Donald Trump seems to have largely moved on from the phony Hunter Biden scandal, because he’s seen that no one outside his base is going to fall for it. Yet Carlson keeps trying to find ways to keep it going. It’s a reminder that someone like Carlson shouldn’t have a cable news show.

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