Unraveling Lindsey Graham takes bizarre shot at Donald Trump

Last week Donald Trump loyalist Lou Dobbs urged his viewers not to vote for Lindsey Graham, because Graham hasn’t been willing to help Trump punish social media companies for taking down Trump’s false tweets. Dobbs would only be doing this if Trump told him to. It looks like Graham has figured out that Trump is out to get him, and now Graham is taking shots at Trump accordingly.

During an interview with local station WCNC, Lindsey Graham was asked why a stimulus package didn’t get done before the election. Graham’s answer: “I’ll be honest with you, I don’t see much desire to help President Trump on anything, to be honest with you.”

Graham then went on to explain why he didn’t like the House version of the stimulus bill, and he predicted that a bipartisan stimulus will get done shortly after the election. In other words, Graham and Senate Republicans weren’t willing to swallow the House stimulus just to help Trump’s reelection odds. Looks like the Senate GOP is indeed hanging Trump out to dry.

What’s notable is that Lindsey Graham is admitting this out loud. Either he’s trying to distance himself from a sinking Trump as his own Senate reelection bid comes into danger, or he’s looking to get revenge on Trump after the Dobbs stunt, or perhaps Graham is simply too far gone to care what he’s saying out loud.

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