Trump stooge David Perdue runs and hides after Democrat Jon Ossoff beats him in debate

Earlier this week Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff brilliantly mopped the floor with Republican Senator David Perdue during their debate in the Georgia Senate race. This wasn’t hard to do; Perdue is a Trump stooge, a financial crook, and he likes to say racist things. Now it turns out Perdue is also something else: a coward.

Perdue is now blowing off the next debate scheduled to take place on Sunday. His excuse is that he’s attending a Trump rally in Georgia instead. It’s awfully convenient that Trump just happened to schedule a rally in the precise timeframe that gave Perdue an excuse to bail on the debate.

Jon Ossoff tweeted this in response: “BREAKING: Senator Perdue just cancelled our final debate. At last night’s debate, millions saw that Perdue had no answers when I called him out on his record of blatant corruption, widespread disease, and economic devastation. Shame on you, Senator.”


The race between Jon Ossoff and David Perdue is razor thin according to the polls. You can donate to Jon Ossoff’s campaign at this link.

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