Tucker Carlson has on-air meltdown, begins attacking Donald Trump’s Republican Party

Donald Trump’s approval ratings are now so low, and he’s helping make the Republican Party so unpopular in the process, even Fox News has to start incrementally distancing itself from him. But Fox host Tucker Carlson took things a whole lot further than that tonight when he ripped into the GOP, in what can only be described as an on-air meltdown.

Tucker Carlson specifically condemned the Republican Party for holding endless Benghazi hearings, and for making a big deal out of the Peter Strzok non-scandal, even while failing to do anything to represent the American middle class. Carlson even apologized for having participated in this nonsense on his own show.

What stands out in particular is that Carlson is singling out the Peter Strzok debacle, something that Donald Trump continually obsesses over. Carlson didn’t have to mention Trump’s name in order to make clear the this rant was aimed at Trump.

Of course we don’t believe for one minute that Carlson is sincere about any of this. It’s just that he knows which way the wind is blowing – and he knows that even his own audience is starting to give up on Donald Trump and the Trump-era GOP. Carlson is already losing advertisers due to the racist pro-Trump narratives that he’s pushed. Now he’s trying to find a way to avoid going down with the Trump ship. Good luck with that.

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