Donald Trump goes berserk after he gets called out for not knowing Roger Ailes is dead

Earlier this evening Donald Trump went on a whiny rant about how Fox News doesn’t love him as much as it used to, and then asked “Where are you Roger Ailes?” It was a bit jarring that Trump was asking Ailes of all people to fix things for him at Fox, considering Ailes died three years ago.

Trump was so widely called out for this, the name “Roger Ailes” began trending atop Twitter. After all, it’s not every say that the sitting President of the United States reveals he’s become senile enough that he no longer remembers his friend is dead.

Trump then tried to cover for it by tweeting “I know better than anyone that my friend Roger Ailes died 3 years ago, just look at what happened to Fox News. We all miss Roger!!!” Okay sure, Trump. Whatever you say.

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