Donald Trump’s Grand Delusion

Every now and again Donald Trump will tweet some out-of-context inanity like “LAW & ORDER” or “THE SILENT MAJORITY” or “TRANSITION TO GREATNESS!” These 9th grade attempts at 1970s movie catchphrases garner a great deal of much-deserved hilarity and scorn. They remind us all of what a clown and a loser Donald Trump is.

But on a more sobering note they also represent the scattershot subvocalizations of a psychotic, narcissistic monster with power. We can’t afford to ignore the fact that someone this unhinged has access to dreadful power.

Trump’s latest semantic eruption, tweeted just fifteen minutes ago as I write this, is “THE LONE WARRIOR!” Just that, no context, no explanation. Now, when you consider that Trump has recently been credibly accused of cozying up to a man who paid to have American troops in Afghanistan murdered, the use of the adjective “warrior” is both inapt and highly disturbing. What kind of grand delusion does this, where a coward, who dodged the draft by having a doctor dummy up a bone spurs diagnosis, who’s okay with Putin putting out contracts on the scalps of American servicemen, lets him think of himself as any kind of “warrior,” lone or otherwise?

Trump is a physical wreck who’s spent his life abusing his body with drugs and junk food and lack of exercise. He is no sane person’s idea of a warrior. He is a physical and mental joke, a man who can barely make a coherent sentence. What kind of person would support such a man, and how on earth do they justify it?

I recently tweeted the following:

Fun fact: Statistics reveal that one out of every three Trump supporters is just as fucking stupid as the other two.

It was intended as light humor, of course, but the more Trump reveals himself the truer the words become. If anyone still thinks they know a Trump supporter who’s intelligent, think again. To support Trump is to reveal yourself as a fool. When I think of a Trump acolyte, I think of the MAGA hat-wearing goofballs in line at one of his Nuremberg-style rallies. I can’t take them seriously any longer. Lone warrior, indeed.

There are a million reasons why Donald Trump must be voted out of office in November. This has been another of them. As ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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