Tucker Carlson finally throws a sinking Donald Trump all the way under the bus

As Donald Trump continues to drag out the fantasy that he’s “contesting” the election, he’s now resorting to silly state legislature fantasies and embarrassing Rudy Giuliani press conferences. As Palmer Report keeps pointing out, the longer this drags on, Trump will have less leverage, not more leverage, because more of his transactional allies will selfishly decide it’s time to throw him under the bus and move on.

Tonight we saw that from Fox News host Tucker Carlson, a guy who has been in lockstep with Trump’s agenda and lies 99% of the time over the years. Carlson was even willing to hype up the phony Hunter Biden laptop scandal, just to try to help Trump win. But no more.

Carlson used his show tonight to spell out that he repeatedly asked Trump lawyer Sidney Powell to provide evidence to support what the Trump team claimed during the press conference today, but that “she never sent us any evidence.” Carlson added that Powell eventually “told us to stop contacting her.”

That’s right, we’re now at the point where Tucker Carlson is publicly calling out Team Trump on their delusional fantasy about election fraud, and Team Trump is telling Tucker Carlson to buzz off. Why is Carlson doing this? Because Trump is going down in embarrassing fashion. Carlson still wants to have a TV show after Trump is gone, and at this rate Trump is flaming out so humiliatingly, it may even be hard to survive on Fox News if you played along with this nonsense.

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