Donald Trump admits he lost

Palmer Report keeps pointing out that Donald Trump’s lawsuits and state legislature antics are clear dead-ends when it comes to somehow magically overturning the election, and that Trump is really just dragging it out so he can continue fundraising and stick it to us. Now Trump is admitting essentially the same thing.

CNN is reporting tonight that Donald Trump has admitted to one of his allies that he knows he lost, and that he’s dragging out the process of conceding because he wants revenge on everyone who refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of his 2016 election victory. To be clear, Trump and his campaign criminally conspired with the Russian government in 2016, so no, he didn’t legitimately win – but Hillary Clinton promptly conceded anyway.

In any case, this private confession from Donald Trump makes clear that he knows he can’t somehow magically overturn the results; if he thought it were a real thing, then that’s what he’d be telling his allies. It’s notable that the ally in question turned around and leaked Trump’s words to CNN, suggesting that even Trump’s allies are growing tired of him dragging out the inevitable.

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