Donald Trump blew it

To give you an idea of how clueless Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign strategy was, he spent huge time and resources in Minnesota, which he ended up losing by seven points. He clearly never had a chance there. He also wasted significant time and money in Nevada, which didn’t end up being particularly close either. Everyone knew he couldn’t flip those two states, except him and his campaign.

When you consider that Joe Biden managed to narrowly win the “red” states of Georgia and Arizona by about 0.3 points each, it suggests that Trump could have potentially retained those two red states simply by spending a little more time or resources in them. Instead he was off prancing around in the blue states of Minnesota and Nevada for no viable reason. Also, Trump lost Wisconsin by just 0.6%; imagine if he’d spent more time there instead of in neighboring Minnesota. Whatever super-narrow path Trump might have had to begin with, he blew it.

Fortunately for us, Trump and his 2020 campaign had no clue what they were doing. They insisted all along that they knew something we didn’t, but the results speak for themselves. So much for Trump being some kind of master campaigner. If you look back to 2016, Trump and his campaign really didn’t know what they were doing back then either; they just got lucky when the last minute Comey letter bailed them out. Just because an evil villain gets lucky once, you shouldn’t mistake his evilness for competence.

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