Trump’s impeachment trial is already his Titanic

Laid out consecutively according to compressed real time, the video of the attack on the Capitol Building as presented by the Lead Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin, in juxtaposition to the incendiary words and tweets of Donald Trump, was shocking and disturbing. It was an epic of cinematic horror, as if the Capitol were the RMS Titanic, and the frenzied mob of thugs were the roiling and relentless and ice cold waters of the North Atlantic.

In the end Impeachment Managers Jamie Raskin, Joe Neguse and David Cicciline left no doubt that Donald Trump must be tried. They laid out a case so airtight as to rescue that self same Titanic from sinking. The Constitutional argument was, if you’ll excuse the expression, unimpeachable, and certainly unassailable.

What Congressman Raskin called a “January Exception,” Donald Trump must not be allowed to get away with inciting an insurrection simply because he was on his way out of office in a few short weeks. Wrongdoers must not be allowed to decide whether or not they can be disqualified to hold public office again merely because of a technicality.

The technicality in question is that since Trump is no longer president he shouldn’t be tried in the Senate. But a conviction in such a trial could mean that Trump would not be eligible to hold public office ever again. Such a conviction could save the nation more disruption and division by this divisive and disruptive man in 2024. A conviction therefore could save us forever from any further incursions into our blessed tranquility by Donald Trump.

On a minor note, one difference this time is we get moving cameras again. Thanks to the inflexible John Roberts, the Senate portion of the last impeachment of Trump allowed only a single unmovable television camera angle. It was a deliberate ploy by Roberts intended to render the trial in the Senate unwatchable.

Bruce Castor’s “defense” of Trump, which I am listening to as I type this, is pathetic and nearly incoherent. A friend of mine just tweeted that she doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. I don’t think I’d be out of line to speculate that she’s speaking for 81 million Americans. Castor’s defense is so bad it’s almost embarrassing.

Also, from out of the trial comes an unforgettable line, one of many, uttered by Congressman Raskin. “Donald Trump may not have known about the founders but the founders knew a lot about Donald Trump.” Let us hope that the collective body of our current Senators will be equally wise as the founders and allow no January Exception for Donald Trump— or for anyone else. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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