Trump in handcuffs?

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I’ve seen it before. True devotees of awful people suddenly disappear from the face of the earth the hour, the minute, the second they go to prison. I’ve seen it most recently when the toxic apostles of Bill Cosby disappeared after he went to jail. Prison is a line that even their most rabid adherents will not cross. The vast majority of Cosby’s slut-shaming, pestilential apostles may still be growling about his “innocence,” but most of them do their growling from beneath the rocks from which they originally crawled.

I’m hoping the same will happen to Trump and most of his drooling claque of MAGA cretins should Trump go to prison. The recent and very agreeable photograph of the perp-walked and handcuffed Steve Bannon gives me hope that he will, especially since Bannon is being indicted for exactly what Trump is doing right now.

Despite being pardoned by Trump for the federal part of his fraud, Bannon has been charged, arrested and handcuffed by the state of New York for his part in the completely bogus fundraising scam he launched called “We Build The Wall.” Bannon and confederates then went about stealing much of the money and laundering it to make it look legitimate. But he left a trail worthy of the stupid amateur that he is and he got caught and indicted.

Trump has been doing essentially the same thing. That’s right, together with Trump’s unlawful stealing, hoarding and storing of America’s most sensitive documents, inciting an insurrection, attempting to subvert a free and fair election and all kinds of other RICO-style, mob-boss felonies, it turns out that, like Bannon, Trump has been raising money and lying about where the money goes. Bannon has been indicted, cuffed and perp-walked for that very offense, so should Trump.

What is being examined is Trump’s fund-raising cause, the so-called “Save America PAC,” that Trump claimed was a legal defense fund to allegedly support teams of lawyers trying to save American elections from “voter fraud.” Turns out (and I hope you’re sitting down for this) that the fund is fake and the money raised from that “fund” is actually being, ahem, “channeled” (read: laundered) to other things.

So Trump has been lying to the people he’s been pestering night and day for money for this bogus legal defense, raising millions of dollars from small, individual idiots too stupid to know they are being conned and duped and lied to. What a surprise.

Josef Goebbels idolator Stephen Miller is among the handful of Trump advisors who are being subpoenaed by the January 6 Committee to answer for this fraudulent activity. He is to be questioned under oath. Whether or not he shows up isn’t really relevant, we already know the answer to the questions that will be asked. So does the DOJ.

Not a single penny of money raised for the purpose of “protecting” America from “voter fraud” will be spent for that, because Trump and everyone else knows that the election contained no significant fraud. Like Bannon’s wall it’s all a charade. The money is being stolen by the former president of the United States.

Steve Bannon may very well do significant prison time for his crime all by itself. If Bannon goes to prison then Trump should as well. And if Trump goes to prison, don’t be surprised if many of his rabid followers quietly return to the very same rocks from which they crawled as well. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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