“Betrayed” by JD Vance

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Many have speculated why the state of Ohio has gotten redder in recent years. There is a belief that some of this is caused by Ohio not having the cultural diversity that some other more purple states have.

In states like Arizona and Georgia, they have seen an influx of people from other parts of the country relocating. They have also gotten increasingly diverse. In the case of Ohio, that is not the case. However, where I differ from many is that I believe Ohio is purple — not red.

And there is some evidence this is true The Ohio Senatorial race in Ohio is tightening. Some polls show our candidate Tim Ryan ahead of Republican JD Vance. This is because Vance has fought scandal after scandal. Ohio Dems put it like this in a tweet: “@jdvance is so unlikeable he can’t even unite his own party behind him.”

And it’s true. Vance has been running possibly the worst campaign I’ve seen in a long time. He does not appear actually to be doing much work, and on top of that, he is making gaffe after gaffe.

A recent ad from an Ohio mom who lost her son to the opioid epidemic is not helping Vance. In it, the mother poignantly talks about her son and how Vance had promised to help with the opioid crisis but instead chose to help the drug companies.

“I don’t have words for how betrayed I felt,” she says. My friends, Ohio can be ours. Tim Ryan is running a stunning campaign. He has big plans for Ohio. We can’t afford to let the state fall to Vance.

Vance, at one time, referred to Trump as a “cultural heroine and an “opioid of the masses.” I submit that it is Vance who is a “cultural heroine” or will be if we let him anywhere near the Senate.

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