Trump attorney who just quit is now spilling the beans

When Donald Trump’s attorney Timothy Parlatore abruptly quit this week, it felt like a harbinger of something larger. Parlatore had overseen the Mar-a-Lago classified documents search, and now he was resigning on the same day the National Archives was announcing that it was giving Jack Smith proof that Trump knew all along that he was committing crimes by possessing the documents.

Now Parlatore has gone on Paula Reid’s CNN show and spilled the beans – not about Donald Trump, but about another attorney in the case. Parlatore accused Trump attorney Boris Epshteyn of having interfered in the Trump team’s own classified documents search – a serious accusation. Parlatore reportedly testified to Jack Smith’s grand jury months ago, and he was presumably asked about this very matter.

Epshteyn was reportedly interviewed by the DOJ a month ago, and surely has his own version of events. And what people say publicly on television can differ from what they say behind closed doors.

But it sure does feel like Parlatore is now trying to publicly scapegoat Epshteyn for the whole thing. Why? We’ll find out soon enough. There’s what these people are saying publicly, and then there’s what they’ve said under oath to the grand jury. It’s Jack Smith’s mess to sort out, and by all accounts, he’s very close to the finish line.