House Democrat goes on CNN and calls out host


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CNN is continuing its quest to be the worst cable news network of our generation.

In the latest kerfuffle, New York Rep. Jamal Bowman actually called out CNN anchor Erin Burnett, on air. The reason for this calling out is because Burnett, in the spirit of dispassion, asked a really stupid question.

Bowman told Santos that he’s got to leave Congress. This is no surprise. Bowman’s a guy who tells it like it is, plus MANY others have said the same thing in regards to Santos. And many have said it directly to his face.

So it might have been a shock when Erin Burnett, speaking with Bowman, actually asked him if he had “regrets” about “yelling” at Santos.

Ah, the curse of Chris Licht strikes yet another anchor.

Bowman seemed stunned by the question. And his comeback was perfect.

“CNN, y’all trippin now.”

Ha! Indeed, CNN is tripping. It’s slippery there these days with a CEO who has not the faintest idea what to tell his anchors to do except be more “: dispassionate.”

“Lighten up,” Bowman added.

I say the same thing. Lighten the heck up, CNN. You’re already losing to Newsmax in many time slots. You’re already slipping to number four in ratings. Want to try for fifth place?

It appears CNN does. Numerous reports say staff is utterly demoralized and that things have never been this bad before at CNN — which is really a polite way of saying nobody can stand Chris Licht.



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