Trump and the Republicans have no idea what they’re even trying to do

I still haven’t found anyone who can actually explain how removing a low level title from Liz Cheney is going to magically spark a comeback for Trump’s completely dead political career, or somehow give the Republicans magical authoritarian powers. Trump and the Republicans certainly have no idea how they think they’re going to magically pull this off.

The kicker is that this isn’t even really about Trump. The republicans are just worried about losing his base by moving on from his ghost too quickly. Trump isn’t magically controlling anything. He’s a half senile blob sitting in a tanning booth awaiting his inevitable indictment and arrest. Let’s stop acting like he’s somehow magically winning.

– The Arizona “audit” continues to be a non-story. These idiots have no idea what they’re even trying to do. Not a single mind will be changed. The media (on both sides) will stop covering it, once it’s no longer good for ratings. A month from now no one will remember it happened.

– Tweet of the day, from President Joe Biden: “Tomorrow we will cross 250 million vaccine shots administered since we took office. It’s a truly remarkable achievement for the nation.”

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