Josh Hawley completely humiliates himself

Senator Josh Hawley (loser-Insurrection party-Missouri) is at it again. The Missouri cockroach recently made a guest appearance on Megyn Kelly’s podcast. Kelly (Disgraced-Republican insisting she’s in the middle-New York) questioned Hawley about the January sixth insurrection.

Hawley, appearing relaxed and indignant, seemed to be in his element. He defended the Big Lie, still insisting there were irregularities in the Pennsylvania vote.

He accused the Democrats of trying to silence anyone who disagrees with them, and both he and Kelly seemed to delight in calling President Biden “Mr. Unity.”

However, at some point, Kelly seemingly remembered she was at one time a journalist and asked Hawley if he regretted continuing to object to the Electoral votes even after the insurrection had occurred.

Hawley, with a straight face, said no. His reasoning, as he earnestly lied, is because of his voters! He had to voice their concerns and let them be heard. This whole segment was a lie. The host is a bitter person who was fired for embarrassing her network and no longer has a platform except for a podcast.

And the interviewee is a Senator who is desperate for power, desperate to please the former guy, and desperate to run for President. I think it would have worked out much better had these two shown their true colors. Let’s see what a real conversation between the two could have been like:

Megyn: “How are you, Josh? Do you have any regrets about the fist pump and objecting to the Election? Please say something Trumpian, so I don’t lose my audience. You know, Fox has not offered me my old job back, so this podcast is all I have.”

Josh: “Glad to oblige Megyn! Naw. No regrets. I gotta look tough. I need an invite to Mar-a-Lago, Megyn. It’s not like I don’t know the election was legitimate, but I gotta keep those MAGAs happy. Hey, my phone’s ringing. Maybe it’s the big guy! Gotta go!”

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