It may not feel like it, but this is what winning looks like

We’re winning. No really, we’re winning. We now have control of the government. We’re advancing our agenda. The nation is shifting significantly in the direction we want it to. And the other side is busy firing its own top people because it has no idea what it’s even trying to do. So yeah, we’re winning. But some of you tell me that it doesn’t feel like we’re winning.

One big obstacle: the media spent four years telling us Trump and the GOP were quickly and magically getting their way on everything, when in reality this was never the case. So now that we’ve won, we’re upset that we’re not quickly and magically getting our way on everything.

Another big obstacle: many of you were never political activists until you joined the fight against Trump. So you’re not aware that even when your own guys are in control, progress is an incremental slog where nothing happens most days. But that’s just how it goes. Incremental progress adds up if you keep grinding it out.

You’re bummed that the Democrats have to work around Manchin and Sinema. Well, Trump and the republicans always had to work around Collins and Murkowski too. Those types always hold out until they get some porkbarrel stuff, then they usually cave to their own party in the end. It’s just politics.

You’re bummed that it’s taken Biden a hundred days and counting to oust DeJoy. Guess what? It took Trump years to oust certain entrenched appointees he didn’t like. Some of them he never was able to get rid of The process is designed to be complex for a reason, so no President can oust everyone he doesn’t like in a day. Biden is well on his way to ousting DeJoy. Some of you are saying “it shouldn’t take this long!” It’s specifically designed to take this long.

Biden and the Democrats are currently moving at light speed compared to how most past administrations (of either party) have been able to move. And they’re on track to do far more going forward. It’s just not going to happen at the pace that you might have been expecting if you weren’t already familiar with how this stuff works, or if you’ve just spent four years believing the media when it insisted that Trump and the GOP were accomplishing their agenda every day by magic wand.

This is what winning looks like. It sure beats the alternative. If it doesn’t feel to you like we’re winning, now may be a good time to revise your perception of what winning indeed looks like. Half the battle in these things is having proper expectations to begin with, so you know what’s possible, and what winning looks like once you’re achieving it.

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