Elijah Cummings just exposed Donald Trump’s treasonous ties to the Middle East

Donald Trump has spent the past forty-eight hours obsessively waging war against House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings and his hometown of Baltimore. Because everything Trump said about Cummings was racist, it seemed like Trump was merely trying to create yet another racist distraction. But now Cummings has just dropped a bombshell which – when paired with two new major news reports – exposes Trump as having treasonous allegiances in the Middle East.

Elijah Cummings and his committee just released a report which exposes the full extent to which Donald Trump has sold out American foreign policy to the likes of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates for personal gain. Much of it was done through a lobbying firm called IP3, which facilitated Trump’s decision to give U.S. nuclear technology to his puppet masters in Saudi Arabia, and how the lobbying firm was given carte blanche in the Trump White House.

This bombshell came even as ABC News published a corresponding story about how the Donald Trump 2016 campaign allowed UAE to make edits to Donald Trump’s “America First” speech before he delivered it. That’s right, Trump’s “America First” speech was literally crafted for him by a foreign government. This also comes one day after the New York Times reported that the Feds are investigating Trump’s close friend Tom Barrack for his ties to UAE and Saudi Arabia.

No wonder Donald Trump had such an explosive meltdown about Elijah Cummings over the weekend. This also explains why Trump continued his tirade about Cummings today, even after his handlers had seemingly convinced him to oust Dan Coats last night in the hope of creating a new controversy and shifting the news cycle away from Trump’s anti-Cummings meltdown. You can read Cummings’ full report about Trump’s Middle East treason here.

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