Report: major developments in Donald Trump’s impeachment coming this week

On Friday afternoon, the House Judiciary Committee used a court filing to quietly but definitively open an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. By Sunday evening, momentum for impeachment had picked up to the point that three House Democrats each came out in support of impeachment within twenty minutes of each other. Now there’s insider reporting that major developments on the impeachment front could be coming this week.

After Sunday evening’s flurry of new impeachment calls, respected MSNBC host Joy Reid tweeted that “Per a source: keep an eye on House Dems this week. Impeachment support is only getting stronger.” It’s not clear what she’s specifically referring to, and she didn’t elaborate. But the fact that she’s referencing an inside source means that she’s talking about far more than the mere fact that an accelerating number of House Democrats are publicly calling for impeachment.

It’s previously been reported that House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler met privately with Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week and urged her to start impeachment, but she said that doing so would be “premature.” The two then appeared to compromise by having Nadler use a court filing instead of a House motion to open an impeachment inquiry.

But we’re now just a few days (at most) away from a majority of House Democrats having publicly called for Donald Trump’s impeachment to begin. Pelosi pretty clearly wants to wait until House Democrats have won the necessary court battles over impeachment evidence and testimony before making impeachment official. But based on Reid’s reporting, Pelosi may no longer be able to wait that long. Stay tuned.

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