No wonder Donald Trump spent all weekend going berserk about Elijah Cummings

After Donald Trump first began ranting and raving about House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings in overtly racist fashion, the whole thing felt like one of Trump’s patented racist distractions. But as Trump’s attacks on Cummings went on and on and on, stretching across days and becoming almost manic in nature, it became clear that another shoe was about to drop.

Last night the other shoe finally dropped. In fact it’s fair to say that Elijah Cummings dropped the other shoe on Donald Trump’s head. Cummings released a report detailing the money trail running from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to Donald Trump, and the personal allegiance running from Trump to those two nations. We’ve all long known that Saudi Arabia and UAE are Trump’s personal puppet masters, but this report spelled it out in the kind of manner which was nothing short of stunning.

Donald Trump must have known that Elijah Cummings was about to drop this bombshell. How did he know? Perhaps one of the Republicans on the House Oversight Committee told him. Or perhaps one of the major news outlets working in tandem with the House Oversight probe asked Trump on Friday if he wanted to provide a comment for the story. We may never know for sure.

In any case, we now know why Donald Trump decided on Saturday morning that Elijah Cummings was his new mortal enemy, and has been obsessively attacking him and ranting about him ever since. This isn’t about Trump trying to distract from his other scandals. What Cummings just published is the big scandal.

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