Donald Trump really is trying to take everyone down with him

When you consider that Donald Trump has negligently and intentionally caused more than two hundred thousand Americans to die of an avoidable viral outbreak this year, there’s no question that he doesn’t care how many of us get hurt while he carries out his increasingly deranged endgame.

But as is the case with so many villains who are nearing their end, some of the people around him are now trying to figure out how to carve out some kind of future for themselves once he’s gone. Accordingly, Trump has begun turning his attention inward, in the hope of taking them down with him.

This week Ben Sasse trashed Trump on a conference call with constituents that he knew would leak, because he wanted to get it on the record before Trump loses that he was supposedly against Trump all along. It was a coward’s move. But now Trump is attacking Sasse, calling him “Little Ben Sasse” and urging Republican voters to run him out of office. This comes after Trump did something similar to Susan Collins because she dared to suggest she might cast a protest vote against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

What’s remarkable is that Donald Trump is now seventeen days away from losing an election that will cost him everything – not just the presidency, but his financial assets, his family, and his freedom – and yet instead of trying to find a way to climb into contention, he’s busy trying to punish those around him for not remaining sufficiently loyal to him.

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