Donald Trump’s day of reckoning is upon us

Americans are voting in record numbers in early voting, some waiting as long as ten hours or more in line to ensure they have spoken and been counted. The numbers look good, but we cannot get complacent as this will be closer than one would expect after four years of gaslighting and enflaming.

But if Joe Biden wins in November, a reckoning will take place. The reckoning will involve learning just how much the Trump crime family fleeced the nation. A report by the Washington Post discloses that the State Department will not disclose the emoluments issue of how much it spent at Trump properties the last four years. According to the report:

“The State Department says it has about 450 pages of records showing government spending at President Trump’s properties. But this week, it signaled that it plans to release only two of those pages before the November election — leaving voters in the dark about the full scope of taxpayer payments to the president’s company.”

This is one of many areas where we will learn the corruption and robbing that took place by Trump. With no Apprentice money coming in and having a billion in debt, per Fortune, we know that this man and his family is full of grifters who have robbed us blind. November 3 will turn the sunshine and disinfectant loose on this administration.

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