Throw the book at him

Now that the experiment in terror is coming to an end and Biden has begun his transition, what’s next? Georgia, Georgia, Georgia. Can’t be focused on enough. With Mitch McConnell defanged, we can really get the country up and running in a positive direction. The next few weeks we’ll be seeing one body after another thrown under the bus, starting with Trump’s “legal” team. Rudy Giuliani has some kind of kompromat on Trump, hence the tight bond, but Trump is already stating the obvious: that his “legal” team is laughably making him look bad.

Trump gave a sixty second speech about taking credit for the stock market’s rise today, which is actually a reflection of the incoming stability of the Biden administration. He also, once more, seems to conflate the stock market with the economy which is dying under his Covid 19 bungling. For some reason, he thinks this little speech makes him look good. He didn’t take questions, of course, and meanwhile his “attorney” Jenna Ellis is insisting on Twitter that Biden picking his cabinet is like fantasy football, meaningless. This gal’s so in orbit, we’re not really sure she even went to law school.

And speaking of orbit, Ivanka is tweeting platitudes, taking credit for the lowest CO2 emissions since 1992, conveniently forgetting that this is due to the Covid 19 shutdown. It’s clear they’ve all gotten the memo to start their new grift and to put a positive spin on their “accomplishments.” Trump & Co. have done some real damage to our nation from offering cover to bone-saw murderers to ignoring the Putin-bounties out on our military.

There’s talk (not coming from Biden) of extending the hand to Trump and offering a pardon for all in the name of unifying America. Don’t fall for it. A rapist doesn’t deserve a pardon and these people are rapists. Joe Biden is doing the right thing by focusing on healing the entire world of this sh*tgibbon’s actions. He’s stepping aside in order to let the DOJ do their jobs. Another excellent choice. Now let the Department of Justice do exactly that and throw the book at the lot of them.

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