This keeps getting uglier for Donald Trump

Fox News is killing people. Yes, a few of their people like Hannity have made announcements try to turn it around. Yes, McConnell and Rep. Steve Scalise have advocated for getting the Covid vaccine. Still, the misinformation continues in the spirit of freedom and the right to control one’s own body.

We dare them to tell that to a woman with a straight face. Nearly half of House Republicans are refusing to disclose whether or not they’ve had the vaccine. This is simply because they have had the vaccine but are afraid to admit it. It won’t play well to their base and they know it.

They’re fine with their base dying of the Delta variant; not so much for themselves dying. The hypocrisy is enough to choke on.

But there are bigger problems in the GOP than rank sociopathy. With Weisselberg and Tom Barrack under the gun, others in the GOP are soon to follow. Their numbers will be thinning simply for the reason so many of them will be charged with crimes. Tom Barrack was caught because he used what he believed to be a secret, unbreakable phone app for his treasoning. Others did the same and you can bet on it. Jared Kushner, for one, is either absent from all these charges because he’s ratting them all out, or he’s already in the chute ready to be prosecuted himself.


Furthermore, it stands to reason, if Trump was on his unsecured cell phone, you can be sure a lot of his conversations were picked up in incidental collections. The point is the DOJ has enough on these folks to prosecute them ten times over. The wait is intentional. The cases are building in the manner to catch them all and so far, it’s been a beautiful thing to behold.

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