The Jim Jordan debacle


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When St Ronnie of the Shining City took the Oval Office from Jimmy Carter, one of his first acts as POTUS was to remove the solar panels from the White House. Carter had had them installed to demonstrate a commitment to alternative energy sources. Ronnie took them down for no good reason other than spite. It was Reagan’s way to stick it to the Dems and please Big Oil, at the same time.

Spite has been one of the primary, foundational motivators of the GOP and the conservative wing, since at least the time of Thatcher and Ronnie serving the neo-liberal economic idol. Spite is what makes the GOP go ‘round. Spite and Greed of course. Goes without saying.

This explains the alchemical bond between the GQP and Donald of the Bloviating Arsehole. They are spiteful. They act out of spite much of the time.

What the minority leader, Kevin McCarthy did with his picks for Pelosi’s consideration was done out of spite. Gym Jordan? Of the Insurrectionist/Stop the Steal/Sycophantic Caucus? That one? The One that watched and said nothing? Him? In his inevitable shirt sleeves? What else but spite explains such a dick move?

Adding Jim Banks of Indiana was a proverbial thumb in the eye. That was spitefully done; as was the white-bread and mayo squad from fraternity row. Nice bit of middle finger to diversity, Kev-Kev.

Kevvy’s intention with this dickish move was to force a delay of the meeting the Select Committee. However, Pelosi is playing three-dimensional chess and Kev-Kev is still confused by tic-tack-toe. Pelosi and Schiff have both come out declaring that the fisr meeting with witnesses was going to happen.

FWIW, I had expected K-Mac to simply sit on the list and keep promising it next week, like Trump did with his health care plan. Kev’s not that clever, it seems. He gets wrapped up in doing the spiteful things rather than what will serve him, the party and the nation better. It seems serving the nation during a time of crisis takes second place to spite for the GOP.


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