This just got ugly for Rudy Giuliani – and it’s about to get a whole lot worse

For all its far right propaganda, Fox News isn’t an activist or partisan effort. It really isn’t. It’s a billion dollar for-profit corporation whose business model just happens to rely on pushing far-right lies in order to keep lunatics tuned in and drive advertising and subscriber revenue. So it’s not at all surprising to learn that Fox has in fact banned Rudy Giuliani from the airwaves – except it’s apparently surprising to Giuliani.

Somewhere in its corporate offices, Fox has apparently made the calculation that allowing Rudy Giuliani to babble incoherently on its airwaves is bad for business. Maybe his incoherence drives viewers away. Or maybe Fox is looking to shield itself from further liability with Dominion.

But in any case, these are always financially driven calculations. Giuliani, who no longer represents Donald Trump, who in turn is no longer President anyway, is simply no longer important enough to merit airtime in the face of the negatives that giving him airtime would bring.

Of course Rudy says his feelings are hurt, according to Politico. And maybe he’s onto something. He’s reportedly been banned from Fox News for a month, but the network didn’t even bother to tell him until two weeks ago. Worse, they told him on the eve of 9/11, the only date he still seems to care about. So the whole thing was quite rude. But again, right wing propaganda is a business, and Rudy of all people should know that – unless his senility has grown so severe that he now truly believes his lies are true.

In any case, this is just a reminder of how little honor there is among right wing propagandists – and how quickly they’ll cut each other off at the knees in order to keep their own con game intact. But if Rudy hates being excommunicated from the right wing propaganda bubble, he’s really going to hate what comes next.

The federal criminal investigation into Rudy Giuliani has not gone away in any way, shape, or form. Yes, the Feds raided his home and seized his communications months ago. But the process simply takes this long to play out. In fact Giuliani has been facing court deadlines this month with regard to his feeble attempts at preventing prosecutors from receiving some of the seized communications. It won’t work.


Once the Feds obtain and process all of Rudy Giuliani’s communications, they’ll be in position to finally criminally indict him. Trump managed to get this criminal case put on pause while he was in office, but since Trump was booted from office, the case has clearly come back to life. Rudy is going to end up in prison – where he won’t have to worry about whether he’s banned from Fox News or not.

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