Bon voyage, Cyber Ninjas!

I am delighted today as you should be. Why? Because President Biden won! He won Arizona for the 100th time, and he won with more votes than we initially thought because the group Cyber Ninjas found him extra votes.

Wow! I must say this story amuses me greatly. However, there is a particular group of people who do not APPEAR to be amused at all. That group is MAGA. MAGA is not happy right now. Oh, dear.

The reason why they are not happy varies significantly among each individual deplorable. Some say these are fake results, and the mainstream media are keeping the REAL results from us. Those evil journalists!

Others say it does not matter how many votes Biden won by as the real issue is many of the votes were fraudulent, so who cares. My point is — these long-awaited results did not make MAGA happy as we knew they wouldn’t.

That is the thing. Nothing makes MAGA happy. They have never been satisfied, not for a moment. Even when they win, they appear miserable. I believe this is because, for MAGA, their identities are infused with anger, and the two sort of go together.

Anger and MAGA. MAGA and anger. It’s like bacon and eggs or Romeo and Juliette. Anger and MAGA. If the results HAD shown something different, I believe the anger still would have been there as they would have latched onto something else.

Now I want to switch things around to show you some of the priceless reactions from our fellow Democrats. And these reactions are so hilarious, they brought out a laughing episode in me that I really was sure would never end.

So, here are some of the best Twitter reactions to the non-audit’s findings.

“Apparently, Cyber Ninjas are actually Antifa.”

“How long until MAGA accuses Cyber Ninjas of being from the “deep state?”

“I guess none of the Ninjas wanted to go to prison for fraud.”

“Decertify the Arizona results, cried millions of idiots.”

“The Cyber Ninjas stole the election!”

Sigh. And that, my friends and fellow Democrats is that.

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