All hell breaks loose with Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson has screwed up again. Does he ever stop? The answer to that question is no, he does not stop. How could he? People like Tucker — and I use the term “people” loosely – cannot stop engaging in evil behavior because they themselves are evil.

It is all they know. They wouldn’t know kindness and human decency if they knocked on the door. So Tucker is once again creating an utter uproar. He has doubled down on the “Great replacement” theory. This is a theory perpetuated by white nationalists as Tucker well knows.

Watching him through the gleaming television, one can see the evil shining through. It is sinister. And although Tucker does put on an act for his audience, with some things, his racism is no act in my humble opinion.

Thanks to Tucker’s hate speech, all hell has broken loose. Now the Anti-Defamation League is involved. They are calling on Fox death-news to fire the little cockroach. I will happily join them in their calls as I am sure you will.

Honestly, Fox will most likely do nothing. Remember that they are complicit. After all, they are indeed the network of hate. So let’s go after his advertisers. The list of his advertisers are constantly changing. And the good news is they are dwindling.

I do have here some of the top advertisers for the Fox News network itself. Let’s email them. Let’s tell them we will boycott unless they pull their advertising until Tucker Carlson is fired: Liberty Mutual. Toyota. Progressive. Norton Lifelock. Charles Schwab. GlaxoSmithKline. General Motors. Let’s get to work. Let’s raise hell.

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