The “QAnon Shaman” just screwed up big time

Jacob ”QAnon Shaman” Chansley managed to earn himself an extended stay at the Gray Bar Inn while he awaits trial. How did he manage that? By giving U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth cause to believe that Chansley is still a danger to the community and there were no release conditions that would ensure the safety of the community or that the Chansley would even show up for trial.

When Chansley’s attorney Albert Watkins said that Chansley should be released because it’d be too hard for Chansley communicate with his attorneys while in jail, Judge Lamberth stated that the argument insulted the court’s intelligence. He went on to point out that Chansley had no problems in speaking with 60 Minutes the other day, especially since Watkins helped 60 Minutes reach Chansley. Judge Lamberth also pointed out how Chansley could potentially further disrupt our government with violent acts.

Good. Chansley is a man who has shown contempt for democracy and the rule of laws by helping to assault the Capitol. He is a man who time and again has shown that he believes he’s not bound by the laws and rules that the majority of Americans live by. His conduct in jail shows he has no motivation to obey any conditions that a court might impose for release. Chansley is a man who wants to get through life without ever having to face the consequences of what he has done, much like the Orange Florida Man (OFM) he worshipped so much.

Well, now reality is closing in upon Chansley. The OFM is not going to come charging to his rescue, and he’s potentially facing some pretty serious time as a guest of the Federal government. I hope he has a plan to get used to prison food.

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