Trump lawyer Lin Wood is having a rough go of it

Insurrectionist and conspiracy theorist Lin Wood is not having a great start to 2021. For any of you who may not be familiar with this name (or have desperately tried to wipe it from your memories), Wood is one of the former attorneys for the disgraced insurrectionist, one Donald Trump.

Wood, by anyone’s standards, has said and done some pretty loony things. One knows it’s bad when even Rudy Giuliani appears to want to have nothing to do with you. Wood also seems friendly with Kraken admirer Sidney Powell. These are not people who seem to play with a full deck, as we all know.

But good news from Georgia, where Wood practices law. The State Bar has begun looking into whether Wacky Wood has violated his professional ethics, with both his words of incitement and his actions. So there is an excellent chance Wood could face some severe disciplinary action over his vile conduct.


Wood is yet another Trump suck-up. He had already lost access to his Twitter account and cannot be happy about this investigation, but we applaud the State Board’s actions. Wood had repeatedly engaged in conspiratorial propaganda, and it is about time someone held him accountable.

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