This is just embarrassing for Texas Governor Greg Abbott


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Oh, how lovely, another Republican governor taking a keen interest in things that are absolutely none of their business. This time it’s Texas Governor Greg Abbott who is demanding (in a recent tweet) answers from Fox News about Tucker Carlson’s termination, as if he has any right to be involved in the matter, as if he has any legal jurisdiction.

Never mind that the matter between Fox and Dominion Voting Systems is a settlement between two entirely autonomous, private entities and has absolutely nothing to do with Abbott, Texas or any other state’s government. Doesn’t Greg Abbott have anything better to do with his time than insert himself into this other people’s private business?

And let us not forget the hypocrisy of Abbott’s tweet. He tweeted “We may disagree with other’s positions, but we should never try to improperly silence views contrary to our own.” This is the same guy who tried to silence voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin with a lawsuit challenging the results of those states in the 2020 election. The Supreme Court threw it out for lack of standing. Yeah, that was Abbott’s doing. So forgive me if I’m not exactly taking his concerns about “improperly” silencing views seriously.

As for Tucker Carlson, he was never a journalist, let alone a prominent conservative one. He was just another political hack talking head spouting lies and propaganda to entertain his stupid, low-information audience, people he disparagingly referred to as “postmenopausal.” We know Tucker knew he was lying about the election and Dominion, yet he continued to do so anyway.

And now that Tucker has been fired, Gregg Abbott is crying foul and threatening Dominion with expulsion from Texas. It’s none of Gregg’s business. How pathetic can you get?

Abbott’s chickenshit politics are just an embarrassment at this point. If Dominion provides a needed service at the best price, why would he want to punish the people of Texas by making them pay more to a different company? But then, let’s not forget about the state’s ever-uncertain power grid. The precarious state of the grid is largely thanks to Greg Abbott. Who knows what havoc a random electrical surge would wreak on anybody’s voting machinery?


Maybe it’s time for Greg Abbott to focus on things that actually matter, like, oh, I dunno, out-of-control gun violence? Maybe it’s time for him to start focusing on things that are actually his business instead of insinuating himself into private affairs and grandstanding for the MAGA idiots who love his personal god Donald Trump. Mind your own business, Greg. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.


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