These right wing loons are at it again


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I want to talk about bullying. Or, more specifically — republican bullying. I want to speak about it because this sort of bullying has become pervasive, and it’s not healthy. Nor is it good for our society. There is a particular style all these bullies follow. Allow me to illustrate:

1) Pick your target.

2) start a discussion about how that target is “woke” or odd or ruining the country or whatever the bully wants to say about the target.

3) tweet about it.

4) wait for braindead followers to pick up the mantra.

This is the way they do it. This is the art of the bully — the GOP bully. This story makes my skin crawl and makes me want to shower immediately because of its sleaze. But I believe it’s important to talk about.

I will cite, in my article, two examples of such bullies. Both are people you probably don’t like. Both are people seemingly addicted to shit-posting on Twitter. Both of these people seem to have extremely low self-esteem, which causes them to lash out at others.

Megyn Kelly is working hard trying to shame Academy Award winner Charlize Theron. Why? Because Theron is an activist for the Transgender community. And at a “Drag isn’t dangerous” telethon, Theron spoke out against transphobia.

Apparently, Megyn Kelly didn’t like that. Kelly is one of the biggest LGBTQ trolls I’ve seen. So Megyn decided she’d like to fight Theron. “Why doesn’t Charlize Theron come and f### me up” she has been demanded shrilly. It didn’t take long.

Kelly’s followers got entirely on board, with many calling out Theron’s mothering skills and calling her vicious and vile names. This is ALL because of what Kelly said.

The other bully is Elon Musk. Musk, who is clearly right-wing while trying to pretend he’s in the middle, announced that Democratic philanthropist George Soros “hates humanity.” Now it’s essential to know Musk has millions of followers. And, of course, some of them were happy to get on board and start to insult and denigrate Soros.


When writing an article, I like to have a solution to whatever issue in writing about. It is tough with this one. Bullying’s been around forever, but this particular type of bullying is dangerous and can lead to harm. I would ask anyone on social media to speak out against bullying of this type when they see it and also to speak out FOR the targets of the bullying. I’d ask that you report any tweets you think are over the line and let others know what these trolls are doing.



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