Whole new Mar-a-Lago scandal


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As you might know if you follow my work, I have always held a fascination with sea creatures, great and small. Sirens and mermaids are of particular interest to me, but that being said, I must admit that I never in my life expected to write about killer mermaids as it relates to politics.

And that’s just what I’m doing today! Because a Maga speaker talking at a Republican “Awaken America” event has issued a dire warning about — mermaids? That is exactly what she’s done. Amanda Grace, who also calls herself a prophet, has announced during her speech at this event, that evil mermaids are a threat to human lives.

I’m sure such a declaration really did cause a splash. It certainly hit me hard when I first heard about it. So who are these fish-tailed murderous mermaids? Where do they come from? And what is their purpose?

According to Amanda Grace they’re from “the kingdom of darkness,” and they’re “seductive, seducing spirits.” Beware — Mermaids — water people! Grace then called for hand-to-hand combat against the fish: “We have to understand the rules of engagement and spiritual warfare. And we are meant for hand-to-hand combat.”

And all this time, I thought the sirens I read about were fictional. Who knew?!

“We see seducing spirits through imagery in the little mermaid.”

Twitter of course heard about this. And faster than one could say “lady in the water”, they were on it.

“They will be banning fish shortly.”

“Close down the beaches!”

“Marjorie Greene is a mermaid?”

“seems sane and rational.”

I do hope this woman gets some help. But believe me, there will be some particular stupid Maga who actually will believe this. Anchors away, Maga.


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