This is Donald Trump’s worst press conference yet

At one point during Donald Trump’s press conference today, he tried to shake off the news of 3.3 million new unemployment filings by suggesting that the number could have been 6 or 7 million instead. When a reporter tried to follow up on this, Trump insisted that he hadn’t made the “6 or 7 million” remark that he’d just made. And this might have been Trump’s least incoherent moment today.

At one point Donald Trump went on a fairly lengthy rant involving Tom Brady and “fake news.” Again, this was during a press conference to address a pandemic crisis. At several points today, Trump has been seriously struggling to breathe. If I cared about his health, I’d urge him to step off the stage and be examined by a doctor immediately. This comes after he walked out in the middle of yesterday’s press conference.

I don’t even know what I’m watching. There was a long stretch where Donald Trump was simply reading the names of world leaders off a page, for no apparent reason, and then he stopped to thank Vladimir Putin. At one point he said “I’ll kiss it goodbye,” seemingly a fitting summary of the entire debacle.

Cable news networks said they were going to fact check this garbage in real time. But thus far Donald Trump has told lies about testing numbers, lies about treatment, and lies about the timeframe for arrival of supplies. The networks should not be airing this dangerous nonsense live.

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