Donald Trump sounds incoherent and half dead as his latest press conference is off to a disastrous start

Nothing quite instills confidence like the President of the United States starting off his press conference by saying “oh boy.” But this is the Donald Trump era, so everything sucks now. Trump is just a couple minutes into his latest press briefing, but it’s already going extraordinarily poorly for him.

Less than a minute into speaking, Donald Trump already sounded like he was completely out of breath. He sounds like how you’d expect someone to sound if they’d just finished running a race. Trump then spent a couple minutes struggling to name several world leaders, as his breathing worsened.

Then Trump went on an utterly bizarre rant involving Tom Brady, a Governor, and “fake news.” This is already off to the worst start of any Trump press conference yet. He got all of two minutes into it before he found an excuse to thank Vladimir Putin, which tells you all you need to know about where his broken mind is at.

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