Donald Trump, struggling to breathe and sounding half dead, walks out on his own press conference again

Yesterday Donald Trump was visibly and audibly struggling to breathe at some points during his press conference, and then barely half an hour in, he abruptly walked out on it – leaving his underlings to keep it going without him. Today Trump took the stage and struggled so badly to breathe, you’d think he’d just run a marathon. Then he once again walked out while it was still going on.

What is going on here? Donald Trump has clearly been in very poor health for awhile now. He’s been showing signs of collapsing physical and cognitive health ever since his mysterious trip to the hospital late last year. But yesterday and today, we’re seeing something different. Not only is Trump talking in incoherent circles, he can’t breathe while he’s doing it.

Are we merely watching an elderly and morbidly obese man with a poor diet succumbing to his own chronically failing health as the pressure gets to him, or is he specifically sick right now? Has he begun walking off the stage because he’s afraid the TV networks will humiliatingly cut away from him again, or does he keep walking out because of whatever is wrong with his health?


We need answers. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and not only does the President of the United States sound like he’s three-quarters senile, he sounds like he just might be trying to cover up the fact that he’s one of the people who’s infected.

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