This is a total disaster for Greg Abbott


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Texas Governor Greg Abbott must surely be in the running for worst Governor in the country. The state of Texas has so many problems right now I seem to have lost count. And there can be no denying Abbott holds much of the responsibility of all of them.

Let’s start with the ability of Texas to keep the lights on. Many months ago, a cocky and preening Abbott said there would be NO problems this year like the tragedy that hit Texas last year with the electrical grid.

Now Abbott is humming a different tune — saying “no one can guarantee” the grid will hold. Hello? Governor Abbott? What about your pledge from a few months ago? Did you forget what you said? Or perhaps you are too busy rounding up all of the rapists in Texas as you said you would do. What’s going on with THAT, by the way?

And then there is what’s happening with books. Before I get into what that is, allow me a few words. This outrage – the banning of books — is deeply personal to me. I have been a regular reader since I was old enough to walk. My wonderful mother and I used to share books on occasion. Books have helped me, they’ve educated me, they have given me joy, and they have guided me on more than one occasion.

When the darkness comes, books are vehicles that pull one out. They make you think and blossom and learn. Their beauty is almost incomprehensible. And per NBC News, hundreds of library books are currently under review in Texas to see if their content is “suitable.”

Several librarians told NBC they “face mounting pressure to preemptively pull” certain books. It breaks my heart. Like I said — this is personal. Please don’t let this happen. Follow Beto O’Rourke on Twitter. Donate to him if you can. Friends of mine in Texas have told me Abbott is already up with election ads. Let your Representatives know this is not OK.

What Texas is turning into is a tragedy, but we can save it from the wrath of Big Brother Abbott and his horrible schemes. We cannot let him win another term. Abbott is not just bad for Texas — He is an incompetent Governor who hasn’t accomplished ONE thing of value. Let’s vote Greg Abbott out.


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