Former Mike Pence aide: “Trump should be worried”

Earlier this week Palmer Report spelled out how big of a deal it was that Mike Pence’s vice presidential chief of staff gave several hours of ostensibly cooperative testimony to the January 6th Committee. This means the committee now has most or all of Pence’s story, from the guy who was in the room most often, whether Pence ever decides to cooperate or not.

Now the situation has escalated, as CBS News is reporting that Mike Pence’s vice presidential chief counsel Greg Jacob has also testified to the January 6th Committee. This gives the committee an even more complete first-hand picture of the crimes that Donald Trump committed via his communications with Pence.

Olivia Troye, a former Mike Pence vice presidential aide who resigned in protest and came out strongly against the Trump administration, tweeted this: “Trump should be worried. Out of any of these people from the Mike Pence team, Greg Jacob’s integrity is unwavering. Glad to see he met with the Jan 6 Committee today. He was never one to do Trump’s bidding & he’s always known what’s at stake for our country.”

Troye is correct. As more of Pence’s senior staff testifies about what was really going on behind the scenes between Trump and Pence, the January 6th Committee will have an increasingly easy time of making its case to the American people (and presumably the Department of Justice) that Trump committed serious felonies in relation to January 6th and the 2020 election results. It’ll also put more pressure on Pence himself to ultimately cooperate. Stay tuned.

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