This could be a disaster for Trump and his goons

Although some time has passed since the GOP tried to overturn a democratic election through intimidation, the events of January 6 are being brought to the forefront due to a few recent developments: the sentencing of the self-proclaimed QAnon Shaman and Kevin McCarthy’s idiotic decision to commit obstruction of justice regarding his phone records to the House Committee. It was an event that Republicans were hoping that voters would forget in the news cycle, or warm up to their own whitewashed version of the truth.

The problem with that last bit, however, is that it left too many factors out of their control. Now, a former Trump operative named Matt Braynard who runs a PAC called Look Ahead America is going back to Washington with a pro-January 6 rally where he plans to drum up support for the 570 people currently in custody for their role in the insurrection. It’s going to be disastrous no matter what happens. Braynard is hoping for at least 700 people to show. If the turnout is low, it’s the kind of thing that would give Donald Trump and his people more embarrassment at how meager his remaining support is.


Higher turnout means that the craziest of his supporters are bound to show and remind voters they haven’t gone anywhere. It’s also an opportunity to stick Republican candidates with a question of where they stand on these kinds of voters. Of course, making them push the issue doesn’t do the GOP any favors either, so we should push back and keep this sort of thing from even being allowed to happen in Union Square and forcing a pro-domestic terrorist movement to look elsewhere for their venue.

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