Things just went south in a hurry for the Republican Party

When a psychotic criminal traitor like Donald Trump and a deranged creepy weirdo like Mike Pence are at the top of your party’s ticket, there really is nowhere to go but down, is there? We were reminded of this tonight when multiple Republican primary races went fast in an ugly direction.

Deeply disturbed individual Laura Loomer, who has been banned from most major platforms for hate speech and once had a mental breakdown outside Twitter’s headquarters, has won the Republican primary race for Florida’s 21st District. This is a blue district and it’s highly unlikely she’ll win the general election. But it’s a reminder of just how far the Republican Party has fallen. And it’s not as if she was some outsider; Matt Gaetz endorsed her.

Elsewhere, Republican Congressman Ross Spano only lasted one term before losing his seat tonight in a primary challenge. He’s also under criminal investigation by the Department of Justice for campaign finance violations, and he could end up in prison. The Republicans sure can pick ’em!

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