Things just got even uglier for Trump attorney Sidney Powell

Former Trump attorney Sidney Powell was famous for a brief period last year when she embarrassed herself by going off the deep end and embracing every demented conspiracy theory in the book and claiming that she could somehow alter the tide of the election on her own. When she failed to do that, or even produce any evidence that the election was in fact rigged, she decided to argue that she was merely testing the durability of the legal system by making outlandish claims no reasonable person could believe.

We understood why she’d try to cover herself at the risk of looking foolish, but now we might be closer to figuring out why she decided to behave so recklessly in the first place. Powell’s new legal defense fund, Defending the Republic, which she claims was founded to protect the integrity of U.S. elections turns out to be nothing of the kind. While she’s in the process of being sued by Dominion Voting Systems over slander, the Denver-based voting technology vendor has alleged that Powell is the primary beneficiary of Defending the Republic – raiding the defense fund to pay her own basic legal bills in a court filing from last week.

This is coming at a bad time for Donald Trump and his allies, who already have a lion’s share of bad news this week. It’s just the latest batch of evidence to suggest that the rigged election conspiracy has been little more than a cash grab for not just Trump but his allies as well, even if the GOP’s leadership has decided the election isn’t in dispute anymore. If they’re going to keep profiting off the big lie, then it’s up to us to hold it against them right through 2024.

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