Michael Cohen just brought things full circle against Donald Trump and Matt Gaetz

When the Feds approved a plea deal yesterday with underage sex trafficker Joel Greenberg, it made clear that 1) they’re definitely going to indict Matt Gaetz, and 2) they think Greenberg’s help will likely lead to a conviction against Gaetz. Yet skeptics are still reasoning that, if Gaetz hasn’t already been arrested by now, it’s never going to happen.

Here’s the thing. These things really do take forever to play out. The impact of a slow motion justice system is an important conversation for another day. But for now I’m going to take you back to a particular date: August 14th, 2019. That’s when Michael Cohen was preparing to testify to Congress against Donald Trump, and Matt Gaetz tried to derail it by publicly threatening to get involved with Cohen’s family.

Undeterred, Cohen went on to testify to Congress. By all accounts, the evidence and testimony he provided that day helped initiate the Manhattan District Attorney’s criminal investigation into Donald Trump for various financial crimes. Now, more than a year and a half later, that probe is finally closing in on Trump’s arrest, to the point that Palm Beach County officials are now discussing how to handle the arrest if it happens at Mar-a-Lago. These things really do take this long to play out. They shouldn’t, but they do. The fact that they didn’t happen more quickly was never evidence that they weren’t still in the process of happening.


Just to bring things full circle, after the news broke that the Feds had cut a deal with Greenberg against Matt Gaetz, Michael Cohen made a point of tweeting the exact words that Gaetz tried to threaten him with back in August of 2019. Now, in May of 2021, Trump and Gaetz are now both in the latter stages of their downfall. This is how these timetables really do work.

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