Joel Greenberg’s plea deal just became official – and it looks like Matt Gaetz’s worst nightmare

Yesterday we all learned that the Feds had decided to grant a cooperating plea deal to underage sex trafficker Joel Greenberg, which we predicted would be terrible news for Matt Gaetz. Today the details of the plea deal have become public, and yeah, it looks like Gaetz’s worst nightmare.

Greenberg is formally confessing to his crimes, including underage sex trafficking. He’s also confirming that he introduced at least one underage girl to other adult men, who also had sex with her.

Greenberg is being allowed to plead guilty to just six out of the thirty-three felony counts he was facing, meaning he’ll go to prison for a long time, but not as long as he otherwise would have. Here’s the thing. There’s no way the Feds would give any sort of deal to a non-credible monster like this, unless 1) he has the receipts to prove the other men guilty, and 2) the men he’s taking down are considered bigger fish than he is.

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