Things are looking up for President Joe Biden

With ratings having fallen across the board now that there’s no disastrous Trump presidency to cover, the media has spent the past two months trying to scandalize President Joe Biden by any means possible – including several instances of misleading reporting with regard to Afghanistan. The media has also been quick to insist that Biden’s approval rating is now in the gutter, and that his presidency has failed.

It’s not just right wing media pushing this narrative either; outlets like CNN have been quick to push this ratings-driven nonsense. Here’s the thing, though: it’s simply not true.

Fox News, which believe it or not conducts highly accurate polls, reported this weekend that President Biden’s approval rating is at 50% – a decent place for a President to be. Moreover, the Fox poll showed that more than 60% of Americans agree with Biden’s new vaccination policies.


This all points to things looking up for Biden. Despite the media’s best effort, his approval rating is still in a pretty good place. More importantly, most Americans are still aligned with Biden on policies and issues. This means that the further the media’s misleading Afghanistan coverage gets into the rear view, the more Americans will recall that they actually like what President Biden is doing.

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