Told you New York was bringing more criminal indictments in the Donald Trump probe

When New York prosecutors empaneled a grand jury for six months and then barely a month later brought criminal indictments against the Trump Organization and Allen Weisselberg, it was clear that this was merely the opening salvo. Yet several media pundits tried to scare people into staying tuned in by baselessly suggesting that these would be the only indictments, and that Donald Trump himself would somehow magically go free.

Sure enough, Palmer Report is now being proven correct. Multiple major news outlets are reporting that during today’s court proceedings, Weisselberg’s lawyer said there are indeed more indictments coming against other individuals.


Of course it’s not 100% clear who will be indicted next. Matthew Calamari Jr just testified to the grand jury, meaning that he – and perhaps his father – are off the hook for having cooperated. The Trump Organization is a small entity, and once you get past the likes of Weisselberg and Calamari, there aren’t many more folks to indict who aren’t named “Trump.” Stay tuned.

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