What does Madison Cawthorn think he’s doing?

Clocks can tell us so much. Think about it. The ticking of the clock can tell us stories. Here is one story that we will soon learn much more about through the passage of the time, as the hands of the clock tick away. Madison Cawthorn is asking for our prayers. That’s right. The North Carolina Congressman would like us to pray for him.

The reason Cawthorn has given for the asking of said prayers, is because he is batting medical issues related to his accident. Hawthorne says the last few days have been challenging. Some do not believe him. The reason for the disbelief of many, is because of the timing.

This tweet went out around the time of the MAGA event at the Capitol. Some people believe that Cawthorn was seeking a way out of attending. It did not help that he made headlines trying to smuggle a knife into a school board meeting.

So, how are we to know what is true? We watch the ticking of the clock. We see to see if Madison is suddenly back in Congress, like nothing happened. Madison Cawthorn says his struggle is long-term. His story will be proven to be true or false as we wait for the ticking of the clock to show us.

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